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Your basically agreeing with me without even realizing it. Your right, its on the players to execute but Antoni didn't have the best players in to do so. I didn't mind JJ guarding KG on that post up but Turiaf would have been a better option. Turiaf also would have been the better option on our last play going to the basket from the Melo pass since he is better than JJ at finishing, passing and FT shooting.
i never said i wasn't agreeing with you its seems as though were agreeing with each other. I'm just saying look at what Mike had overall compared to what Boston had i feel everyone around here should be impressed that the game was even that close it was ultimately 4vs1. Just imagine if we were at full strength do you honestly think Boston would of won these past two games? I am impressed that he tried to make something out of nothing because he could of easily just gave up right there when amare went down.

I believe Turiaf was on the bench icing his knees and he was done for the rest of the game as well i could be mistaken and thats why he was not in the final minutes, we all know that MDA limits his minutes because he is injury prone however Sheldon Williams was available and im sure that boneheaded play would of not been made.

just like you have to crown jared for making the layup putting us up by 1 you have to criticize him for the same play that cost us the game that is on the player and not the coach. The coach made due with what was available to him at the time