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    Default Jamal Crawford?

    Note: This thread isn't for the people who want another max contract.

    If our plan isn't to get another max, we're obviously going for a center. We know the main guys for that position, which include the up and coming DeAndre Jordan.

    I know Crawford didn't leave the best impression on a lot of Knicks fans, but his run with the Hawks has given them a very good scorer off the bench (in fact he was good in the few games he played as a starter for us in the 2008-2009 season).

    Would you be willing to get a center, Crawford, and another defensive player (vet. minimum)?

    Of course, how much money he'd be willing to give up would be the deciding factor. In game 2 he would have been huge to take the pressure off Melo, whether giving him a little rest or giving Melo a significant amount of being able to go more one on one instead of being double/triple-teamed.

    He's been great in the Playoffs this year, having a big game to help the Hawks beat the Magic in game 1 and having 25 points in game 2, in which the Magic didn't win by much.

    Forget about the Isiah Thomas days, Crawford has succeeded since, so has Zack Randolph.

    Only one other player I can think of at the moment, who would probably take less than Crawford, unless Crawford wants to play in New York that much, is Vince Carter. Put Vince Carter as the back-up point guard or even starting SG, and you have another play-maker. Only thing with Vince is the Magic and Suns take a lot of threes, and he played more like a spot-up shooter, which is not his game, I don't know if D'Antoni would do the same with him. Vince also would have to be bought out.

    I'd love to get DeAndre Jordan, and Crawford to take less enough to let Turiaf be able to back up DeAndre, but I don't see that happening.

    While we're at it, we must get Jeffries back for his defense, he's stepped it up, and won't ask for much most likely again.
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