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Well I see what your saying but besides Melo tonight, who did we have to step up when Stat was gone?Lets look at our guards off the bench:

Toney Douglas-Had he played well tonight we most likely would have won, instead he made only 4 shots out of 16.

Landry Fields-He has hit more than a wall, he has hit a mountain! This guy should be no more than a bench energy guard like Turiaf is for the PF/C position.

Bill Walker-0-11 nuff said...

Roger Mason-Guy doesn't even play and when he did he airballed a wideopen three in a crucial moment.

Out of these guys who can we rely on consistently? We don't really have a 6th man. Every great team has one, LA has L.O., Boston has Big Baby, Miami has Mike Miller, Chicago has Korver, Dallas has Terry when Caron was healthy, etc. If we got Crawford for cheap we wouldn't have to worry about getting some production off our bench because he would bring instant offense and decent 'D'.

Oh, and BTW Raja Bell is washed up. If anyone I'd go after Matt Barnes. Plays 'D', can shoot the 3, and is crazy which every title team needs.
I made Bell an example more to outline the type of player I'd rather target over Jamal, even though I'm not sure I necessarily agree with you that he's washed up. Matt Barnes would be a great choice too, I agree with you there, I thought the Knicks should have gone after him this past offseason. I just don't think we need any more shot launchers. As much as I appreciated the big shots that Jamal used to make for us you gotta admit his shot selection has been shaky his entire career, we don't really need that on a team with proven scorers like Melo, STAT, Chauncey & a guy like TD who can also get hot in any given game. Yes tonight we struggled for any offense other than Melo who was sensational, but that doesn't make the case to bring Jamal on board if you ask me. Also, Jamal's defense has usually been very shoddy as well, I think what we need more of is defensive minded role players that can knock down open jumpers if we're looking to target perimeter guys. Roger Mason's a FA this summer anyway so we'll be looking for replacements inevitably to shore up our bench depth at the G position. Unless Landry Fields works hard on his shooting off the dribble skills this summer, in which case he could help to fill some of that need for added offense outside of our big 3. But I definitely agree we need a more consistent scoring threat as our 6th man because TD is so hit or miss on a nightly basis. Maybe he just needs to take that next step towards being that this summer & getting more consistent on his J?