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I've watched him in several games as a Hawk & he's still taking bad shots on a nightly basis & his defense is still very shoddy. He does get hot & is still a dynamic offensive threat off the bench, no question, but he's very inconsistent as well very reminiscent of Al Harrington in terms of the offense he brought off the bench but also the warts of bad shot selection & lack of commitment to playing quality defense. As opposed to guys like Jamal & Al, I think what this current roster needs more of is guys like Matt Barnes, Kenyon Martin, Raja Bell, Jeff Foster, DeShawn Stevenson, Aaron Afflalo, Reggie Evans, etc., defensively committed & more importantly smart players that know how to play to situations during games. If you're looking for a bigger name than role players like that, maybe Caron Butler would be the perfect 6th man option? JR Smith is also a potential FA this summer but he brings a lot of the same shoddy shot selection & lack of defensive intensity you get out of Jamal, but he does have experience playing with Chauncey & Melo for years & has been successful so he might be a better option if you wanna go the offensive route. There's also Wilson Chandler who is a RFA this summer we might be able to target to bring back to his old stomping grounds in a system he's very familiar with already. But neither Butler, Smith nor Chandler will come cheap.

As for a G who could run the PnR, someone like Steve Blake via trade (maybe for Turiaf?) or TJ Ford as a FA might be options, though I think MDA has an affection for Toney Douglas & won't soon give up on him as the backup option off the bench anytime soon.
J.R. Smith has been passing good lately from what I've seen, even in Game 1 on Sunday, but I get what you mean. You've watched Crawford on the Hawks a lot more than me probably so yeah. I'd say he's better than Harrington though. Harrington had brutal nights when he was with us. I'll take bad shots over somebody who shoots any chance he gets. I like Harrington, he played with heart, but he ball hogged in several games with us.

I feel we should keep Turiaf so I dunno. Don't know much about Steve Blake's game. I know he can shoot the three and have heard he has a high basketball IQ.

Kenyon Martin would be very good, maybe Reggie Evans too since he gets a lot of rebounds (haven't watched him much though). Seems like a hustler.

Maybe we could trade for Nate? As long as we don't trade Turiaf or one of the other guys in our regular rotation I don't see why not (other than D'Antoni).