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Thread: Jamal Crawford?

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    Originally Posted by AmareForPresident
    I like Rick Jackson a lot, he reminds me of Dejaun Blair.
    Faried+Jackson+Jerome Jordan+CP3 = championship.
    Add 6'10" PF Jermareo Davidson to the list of DL standouts we could possibly add on the cheap this off-season. 15.3/10.1/1.5 this year in the D-league. One way or another, we're gonna have to beef up the frontline significantly. No way around it..I'm so curious to see how they're gonna go about doing it.

    FA 6'11" C Dwayne Jones (this guy led the DL last year with 16 rebs/game) and 2 6'6" FA SGs playing overseas, Sylven Landesberg (Israel) and AD Vassallo (France) are 3 more players I'm interested in on the cheap that I think could help us. As could 6'1" lefty PG Curtis Jerrells, a standout in the DL last season. Jerrells was signed by the Spurs last year, traded to New Orleans for a 2nd round pick and then waived...He signed on with a Serbian team, AA Partizan, for this year. I know the Spurs really liked him a lot when he was with them, they just didn't have the room at the time. This kid was a pretty good player at Baylor only a few years ago. Talent-wise this guy's not far off from Brandon Jennings, believe it or not...Very similar games.

    We're gonna have multiple options to upgrade this roster w/o overspending. Whether they're gonna want to go that route, I have no idea..This is how I'd go about it right now.
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    I like crawford, he'll make a great Sixth man, IMO our starting units SG should be more of a defensive player (no slight on Crawford's D)
    more like the Tony Allen's, Aaron Affalo's,Thabo Sefalosha's....

    I also think Fields will be better as a sixth man in the playoffs. I can't stress how much this will improve his game and help the team when Stat and/or Melo is resting.

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    Would have much better giving Fields to Denver and having Gallo....

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    I still remember this game like it was yesterday.

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