We basically had one D-III caliber player (Mason) and a D-Leaguer (Jefferies) and we almost won the game. We had almost no chance of stopping the Celtics when we were up by one. Mason was guarding Pierce, I was certain Pierce was going to get the ball and easily score on Mason. But they fed the ball to Garnett, who was easily stronger and too skilled for Jefferies. For some reason Melo was guarding Ray instead of Pierce, not that it mattered much cause no matter what we did, there was easily three mismatches.

Top three things the Knicks need:

1. Replace D'Antoni with Sloan (or another top coach)
2. get a legit PG. It doesn't have to be a CP3 or Westbrook type of PG. Felton caliber PGs would be more than fine.
3. Bring Jerome Jordan from overseas. No need for a traditional (post and toast) player. Just a body who doesn't get pushed around a la Jefferies. I don't mind Jefferies btw, just don't like him as our starting center.