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    No much of a choice...My bet is we're gonna offer a big-time offer sheet to DeAndre Jordan or Marc Gasol, draft the best big we can get our hands on at 17 to play next to Amar'e (Maryland's Jordan Williams or Morehead State's Ken Faried perhaps---to me, if we go this route, the guy would have to be a superior rebounder which both of these guys are), look at a guy like Oakland's Keith Benson with a later pick we acquire somehow or Jerome Jordan's gonna be the guy (J. Jordan will probably be in the mix anyway, even if we did any of the above)..I really wanted Marcus Cousin from the D-League -- to me he was the best C in the DL by far with a good body and very solid all-around skills..Too bad Houston just picked him up on a 3-yr non-guaranteed deal, something we should've done weeks ago..Daryl Morey strikes again!!!

    Remember DeAndre Jordan and Marc Gasol were both 2nd round draft picks themselves -- who's to say Jerome Jordan couldn't turn out to be as good as either of these guys (minus DeAndre's crazy athleticism)? He could definitely turn out to be as good as Marc Gasol..Why not? Marc's a good player but nothing to break the bank over imho...Nowhere near as good a player as his brother Pau if you ask me..If all else fails, a Jerome Jordan/Ronny Turiaf combo at C wouldn't be terrible....I like Jerome Jordan, certainly better than Jeffries & Shelden Williams and I think he's a better player than Timmy Mozgov to be honest.

    Hard to evaluate his Euro stats this year. Looks like he played sparingly in a couple of different stops but did manage to shoot a high % wherever he was: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    I don't know if it was luck or by design or what, but Donnie deseves credit for keeping Jerome Jordan out of the Melo deal, instead offering up Mozgov...That alone tells me that he's definitely in the mix at C next year.
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