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But that Payback may not come until sometime next season (if there is a season next year). We have to face the reality that Sunday could very well be the last game of this seasons verision of the Knicks if Amare and Billups cant go. Yes I realize that we could of and should of won 1 or both of those games in Boston. But I think our best chance to beat them may have gone by the boards. They will be playing loose tonight and will be play nervous of going down 3-0. They will have nothing to be nervous about with the 2-0 lead knowing they could still give one up and win the series easy. We lost our chance to put the MAJOR Pressure MSG would put on an opposing team had we won one of those games. The Home Court Advantage wont have as much WEIGHT as it would have had we won 1 or both of those games. I think if Chauncy sits and Amare plays but is not effective it will be a short 2games and a sweep of us by boston. I dont expect us to hang with them even though we are at home, like we did in game 2 without those two key players. I think it was there for the taking and we did not cease the DAY as they say. To ask Melo to put up another 40+ and for the other role players to beat a solid veteran Celtic Team twice at MSG without key players is asking way to much. I would love it, but the realist in me says our 2 best chances to beat them went by the boards due to the Refs and injuries. Now we have to just be glad that we have 2 home games left when alot of teams are already done for the year. If we can get lucky or get both those players back AND they can play at a high level, then MAYBE, just MAYBE we send the series back to Boston for a game 5. As it stands right now, i would be very surprised if any of the IF NECESSARY Games are used. LOL.
Gotta have some hope. Any win in the playoffs at this time is gravy the way I look at it.