When two players score more than 50% of a team's points, after being allowed free shot after free shot, then there is no specific culprit for the end result. The coach and the players must bear collective responsibility for what happened out there. I don't care if D'Antoni never mentioned the word Defence, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who needs extra attention. Take Allen and Pierce out of the game and you've taken the Celtics out. They scored Fuc-king 70 of the team's 113 points. Fields, Douglas, and Mason (less so) just kept begging them to score more. Only one player deserves credit tonight and that is Shawne Williams. Well done. Nothing else really needs to be said. The Celtics are laughing at the Knicks and none of the players give a ****. Good to know you rate yourselves.

P.S - wont mind Fields playing some D-League Basketball next year. Any trade value he had has diminished.