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I mean - I'm confident we can COMPETE. We should have had games 1 and 2 in Boston - against a much better, much more talented team that we have. At the very least we COMPETED in those games...no?

The question should be, can we win? With this coach AND this lineup? No.
so you gonna hit me with the

An argument can be made that IF a team can perform a D'Antoni offense AND lock down on defense, they can look unstoppable. Another argument can be made that thats the case with almost ANY offense, the constant being lock down defense. How about this...

The lack of quality clock management, the lack of consistent effort, the over-use injuries, practice schedule, the DNP's, the rotation, the play-calling, on and on and on...
and if we get a center its on right?

Sort of, but the odds of acquiring such a player are increased if a coach can be acquired first, who values and looks for different attributes than Mike has demonstrated.