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When Mike D left, who ran the team in Phoenix? Steve Nash. When Mike D was there who ran the team in Phoenix? Steve Nash.

Mike D is the type of coach that needs great players to speak for him. He can't command enough respect to the point were players will do whatever he asks and HUSTLE to accomplish it. Maybe guys don't hustle on this team, ever, because Mike D has no ability to motivate his players.

This is like a bad boss that can't get his employees on the same page as him. Eventually the employees will start working half-ass and thats the story of Mike D as the Knicks coach.


D'Antoni has good concepts that work to a certain extent and may not be as effective in practical applications, and again he isn't to blame for everything.

But when I mention a team needing fight, consistency, and a specific game plan to attack an enemies weaknesses, i don't feel confident with him.

Our team isn't as close as we'd like to think. Sure the progress from a roster stand point is observed. But where is the ability to "showcase" our strengths? I see a system that has some strengths that are independent for what our vision should be.

Instead if leading the league in offense, or threes, we should want to be a competitive defensive team who features two go to guys. So far I don't see the fluidity on offense and the consistency on d we need.

Again, all the decisions we still need to make, i.e.... resign Billups and other players going forward, i think if we keep making these all important decisions based on D'Antoni's model, it will be a mistake. As he has always done, we will come up short, and nobody wants that.

thats what history suggests.