Garnett clearly tried to injure Toney Douglas at the end of Game 1.

The play that Billups got injured on was also a dirty play by Jermaine O'Neal, as was the play that Melo got hurt on in Game 3. The Celtics are consistently sticking their legs out underneath Knick players in the air. And the league is letting them get away with it.

Also, Rondo is constantly swinging his elbows and throwing hay makers after plays are over, which should have earned him technicals, if the refs were not IRA bag men for Whitey Bulger.

As we saw in Game 3, home court had nothing to do with the way the games were called.

I have no hope that the Knicks win the series, but I still hope that the Knicks can extend to 5 or 6, and that some Celtics players get seriously injured in those games.