ok, first off this is not about personell. This is about coaching. D'antoni failed to make any adjustments in the entire series. He had a cast of melo amr'e + some guys that can shoot the 3 and even a couple of decent defenders. A relatively decent Dant team. He failed to utilize the squad he had and could not even squeak out a win when the celtics were napping.

He refused to get fields off of ray allen when allen was torching us from everywhere. he could not see that the only guy on the team that could contain rondo a little was AC and didn't use him until it was wayyyy too late. He didn't draw up any plays that utlized an Amar'e/Melo PnR or even give any different looks on offense. anyone that watched any film on this team this year could of put an adequate defense on our guys.

sure he used a zone defense for about 4 minutes in a few games. That was his major adjustment. and it worked! But he wouldn't stick with it and he didn't have any other answers on defense. so we failed to make key stops and win any games. Not because of personel, we had a good team that fought hard and was quite capable of winning 1 or 2 games.

regardless of what you salary cap nerds think, this team is going to change again drastically and next season we should be looking at a rock solid squad with amar'e and melo as anchors. While i think they would both enjoy playing for D'antoni, his short commings as a coach will never lead to an nba championship. Also who would you even want to keep on this squad outside of Melo and Amar'e? billups is too expensive at his age. TD is not a good PG for us (as evidenced). Bill walker made more mistakes and turnovers and defensive lapses then anyone. fields was exposed as a 2nd round rookie pick, turiaf is good but can't play because of his bum ticker, mason is a bum.

AC, JJ, the good Williams, Melo, and Amar'e thats all i would keep from a personel stand point and infact everyone not named melo and amar'e can fly a kite.