This doesnt seem to end

- couldnt risk LBJ not wanting to come to NYC alone so needed to get space for 2 max contracts in 2010
- ended up giving up a first round pick

- couldnt risk melo resigning with denver or denver shipping him to NJ
- ended up gutting the whole team (at least for this season)

- want CP3/DWill/D12
- dont have picks/assets to trade for them
- if we go after deandre jordan/gasol/chandler, we give up on CP3/D12/Dwill
- if we wait till 2012 for them to become free agents, the new CBA might be in place where they might not be attainable.

- if we fire Dantoni, Rivers/Jackson wont be available till 2012
- if we keep Dantoni, NYK are most likely gonna be a 50+ win team and get to the 2nd round and we wont be able to show Dantoni the door.

The dilemma continues..............