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    Default Between a rock and a hardplace.....

    This doesnt seem to end

    - couldnt risk LBJ not wanting to come to NYC alone so needed to get space for 2 max contracts in 2010
    - ended up giving up a first round pick

    - couldnt risk melo resigning with denver or denver shipping him to NJ
    - ended up gutting the whole team (at least for this season)

    - want CP3/DWill/D12
    - dont have picks/assets to trade for them
    - if we go after deandre jordan/gasol/chandler, we give up on CP3/D12/Dwill
    - if we wait till 2012 for them to become free agents, the new CBA might be in place where they might not be attainable.

    - if we fire Dantoni, Rivers/Jackson wont be available till 2012
    - if we keep Dantoni, NYK are most likely gonna be a 50+ win team and get to the 2nd round and we wont be able to show Dantoni the door.

    The dilemma continues..............

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    Look in your rear view mirror. What ever happens to our beloved Knicks. It's way better than were we came from. Rome was not built in One Day, all great works take time to finish. We have time to wait for greatness, With that being said. Keep D'Antoni for now

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    Who says it was easy to build a contender. You know how the Lakers and Celtics won rings the past 3 years? Jerry West (Laker Legend) ran the Grizzlies then, Kevin Mchale (Celtic Legend) ran the Twolves then. No Knicks Legend have a prominent position in the NBA. So we're on our own.

    This is why you pick the right GM. No for recognition of talent but to master the CBA and to outline a plan and contigent plans years out into the future.

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