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IF we are able to trade Balkman for an expiring contract, and IF we decide to not keep Douglas, and IF we trade our 1st round pick this year for an expiring contract we will be at $44.15 mil in team salary with only 2 players on the roster.

Please provide details how we can sign CP3.

Remember, Bosh took $14.5 mil, Lebron took $14.5 mil and Wade took $14 mil. Their 3 salaries combined are only $3 mil less than Melo and Amare's 2 salaries combined. Do the math.

People also need to realize that N.O. will likely follow Denver and trade him before he becomes a free agent.

Please provide details of a realistic trade for us to acquire CP3. Keep in mind it cost us half our roster to get Melo when we were the only team Melo wanted.
In hindsight, amare is probably overpaid by about 10-12 million. your right we would have to let everyone not named Melo and Amare walk to get a CP3 deal done within the cap. Our two star players make too much money folks and even if CP3 took less money (not much less) we'd barely have enough money to fill the roster with quality players.

I think we may be asking too much to have 3 superstars on one team. Its not even necessary IMO and I think the new CBA will prevent that from happening anyway. I'd rather have a balanced roster.