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Awwhhh.. You're mad. How unfortunate.

Notice the mysterious absence of a substantive rubuttal.

It's all good though..

And I said I'd considered this stuff. I didn't say I had it all figured, especially this CBA nonsense. It's not really my strength at all.
I told you, you're a casual fan, and I know how not to waste my time.

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Melo and STAT can't restructure their deals to increase cap space. They would have had to take "less" money up front (STAT as an FA, and Melo a non-max extension.)

From what I understand, NBA contracts can not be restructured downward. That only works in the NFL where guaranteed money vs overall contract value comes into play for the athlete redoing his deal. NBA players don't have that worry, and it doesn't seem like the NBA-PA allows it.


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Ahhh.... love that quote