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He did avg. 17 & 5.5 here.
This is a good strategic move. Any value PG we would've signed would have a multi-year contract.

CB's contract is expiring, while adding stability and leadership at the PG position. Two things unachievable thru free-agency.
Exactly, we all know Chauncey is not worth $14.5 but that was the worth of his team option.

Chauncey's injuries dont really concern me. I think it was just a runa bad luck. Banging knees is never fun. The last injury was concerning but the MRI showed no structural damage. He will be fine next year. He just needs to stop jacking up shots. Dont listen to Dantoni, do what you thik whats right. Thats what Anthony Carter did. Instead of listening to Dantoni's instruction to layoff rondo, Carter got into rondo's shorts and we rallied in game 4.

Go Knicks.