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Funny, these exact same words were said about Melo only 8 months ago. Everybody argued that we could get Melo for Curry + Chandler because Denver HAD to deal with us. I said it was going to cost us Chandler + Gallo + Randolph. Everybody said I was wrong and that we should never give up that much for Melo who was a free agent in a year............My oh my, how things changed over the course of this year.

And nowhere in that article or anywhere has Donnie ever said we have enough cap space for another max contract level player (CP3 or Howard). Donnie is a politician if I've ever seen one. He's very coy and purposeful with his words when he talks to the media.

All Donnie says is we have cap space for next summer. Which we all know. He never says anything about how much space we'll have. Donnie knows, and I know, we do not have enough space to sign CP3 and build a team around those guys, unless CP3 agrees to take $10 mil/year. Amare and Melo make too much. Donnie won't say it to the media. He never tells the media anything.

As I said before we will have $44.15 mil in team salary with only 2 players on the roster. They can't restructure their deals. Your only hopes are the cap goes up about $10 mil, or CP3 takes a massive pay cut.

I know CP3 is one of your favorite players, he's one of mine too, but building a TEAM is much more important than getting CP3. I would have preferred we never traded for Melo and had gone straight after CP3. We would have a much better team. CP3 and Amare is a much better tandem than Melo and Amare.

We need to stop with the flashy names and build a solid team. CP3 + Melo + Amare + 12 minimum salary scrubs is not going to win anything. That is a shell of a team. The only reason everybody is talking about getting a 3rd superstar is because Miami did it. Last I checked, they haven't won anything yet. Let's get a solid big man and a SG (if we can, as I've expressed my doubts about our ability to even do that) before we dump everything for CP3. People have greatly underestimated the need for solid role players. Our bench was seriously exposed. Another star is not what we need.
Thats pretty much the Bulls now and Steve Nash and STAT's Suns. As great as the Suns were offensively I always thought what separated them and the Lakers was the great wing player. I remeber last year they doubled and tripled team that guy and he still drained his shots. They had no answer.

The Bulls well, Boozer is not that impact full and they will never win a chip w/o a 3rd scorer.

The Lakers have three stars. Kobe Pau and Odom, to an extent Ron Artest for a 4th. (last 3 dont have much fan fare but very accomplished)

Boston has a Big 4.

Filling out the Knicks will take smart management. It will also take great coaching to develop our players like Derrick Brown (who I can see as a more athletic Big Baby Davis) and Toney Douglas. Then you need players like Anthony Carter.

We need role players definately but the problem was that they along with Melo were given the responsibilty of point guard. Honestly they celtics roles players did not out play us that much. We had no one to make them play better, like a point guard. Every Great team in the NBA has questions about their bench. The bench are always wishy washy. But a great pg will make them look good.
How many open jump shot did Rondo create for big baby? Alot. Pg play is key. But Having Melo and STAT is also important b/c you can depend on them for scoring help. Thats why New Orleans have been inconsistent these past few years.

Celtics are the blueprint, not Miami.