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But here's the thing:

You point is only valid if, for a third superstar, we were only considering players like Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant, Danny Granger, etc. If its for an elite pg like Chris paul, then you do it.

We dont want a team like Miami. As great as they are they are severly flawed as a team. Defensively they are fine, a big man is not the issue. Its there offense they have no designated playmaker. Lebron passing ability is overrated. He is only a good passer for a small forward not a good passer overall. Dwade and Bosh are not playmakers.

KG, Pierce, and Allen are playmakers. The can make plays but not on a full time basis. BOS big 2 have said a few times that this is Rondo's team. He runs it. With out Rondo I doubt that they will be this successful.

The Knicks stuggled for many reasons but mainly they had no point guard this series. Melo and STAT cant carve up a defense and break it down to make plays. CP3 can. As you watch CP3 against the lakers he causes so many problems for a good defensive team. Rondo, while not as good, does the same.

If we fail to land CP3 then we forget the 3rd star and build around. But CP3 is a no brainer. When or If he comes it will be his team.
Have you watched D Wade? He's an awesome play-maker. He makes fantastic decisions w the basketball and he is very good passer.

And Lebron is not just a good passer for a small forward. He's just a great great passer. His decision making is not as good as Wade's however, which is why you see Wade with the ball in his hands the majority of the time in the 4th quarter.

Wade and Lebron are better play-makers than Allen and Pierce, easily. I'll leave KG out, although he is also a very good passer (averages close to or 5 assists for his career which is great for a PF) He is a better passer than Bosh.