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If Celtics are the blueprint and not Miami, why are we going after 3 max contract superstars?

If anything we should have gone after CP3 or DWill instead of Melo. Then use the cap space to add an all-star level C. That would have been the best way to build a contender. I fear we are going to be perpetually stuck as a good team but never a contender because of the Melo trade.

*edit* I'm favoritng all these threads for a year from now. We'll see.

**edit 2** Everybody realizes we could have easily added DWill or CP3 + a quality Center (e.g. Tyson Chandler)THIS summer, had we not traded for Melo. Right? We could have been contenders next year. If the goal is to go after CP3 in 2012, the team we have next year is not going to be much different than the one we had this year. Because we can't afford any contracts over 1 year.

For bost blueprint I meantthat Boston got 3 stars drafted well and developed their younger stars. Boston unlike Miami had a center and point guard in place.

What you are saying is true. But I think some moves are made a lot more in mind than just making the team better. This trade prevents other teams from being better than us.

Now Melo is better than STAT. What if Melo went to Jersey? He would have been alone for a year and a half. But we all know Prokorov wants a superteam as well and to crush the Knicks. If Melo went to the Nets. Its makes them a very attarctive. Proky would have ripped apart the team to get Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. We would have Deron Willams and STAT. The Nets would beat us every year even if we had Chandler. That would be a devastating blow to Knick Nation.