Just wanna start this thread off by saying what a tremendous job Brian Cashman did this offseason...Very quietly, he's added a well-rounded former NL all-star catcher (only a couple of years removed) that has returned to form in a big way, a HUGE surprise addition for the rotation in Bartolo Colon (dude was fantastic last night against the White Sox, hitting 96 MPH several times), a second solid starting pitcher that can still get guys out in Freddy Garcia & two former all-stars that can still produce when called upon in Eric Chavez and Andruw Jones...That's not even counting the Rafael Soriano signing, arguably the AL's best short man last year (a move Cash wasn't even behind totally---true he's been spotty recently and we did have to give up a 1st round draft choice in order to sign him but I think it will be worth it. We now have probably the best back end of any bullpen out there even with Soriano struggling a little bit recently and great insurance and a solid replacement once Mo hangs it up for good)..I mean outside of the Phillies who got Cliff Lee for millions less only because he wanted to return, name a team that had a more successful offseason. Right now, Cash is exec of the year and I don't even think it's close. Go Yanks!!!!!!