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    'Unbelieveable' doesn't even describe WTF happened tonight bro (last night now I guess). Joe G has had this guy's back all ****ing year long..Even had his back in his post-game press conference tonight more or less, saying things like, "we've all been there," "if a player comes to me and says he needs a mental health day, I'm gonna give it to him," and finally when asked if Posada let the team down, should address the team personally or acted insubordinately, Joe basically said he didn't want to discuss it anymore and instead wanted to shift gears and talk about the actual game. Which was completely understandable, after talking about this nonsense for several minutes.

    Posada put everyone in a terrible spot yesterday--Joe, the team, even Cashman..Look, Posada was NEVER one of my favorite players to begin with. I've always respected him as one of the originals and recognize that he's been a good player for us over the years..Not great but good. And I was always very happy for he and his wife that his little boy was okay after he was born with the cranium problem..But how he acted tonight was deplorable. And then to make matters worse, to stand there at his locker, after he let his team/manager & fans down, in a big series against a hated division rival no less, and talk about some phony back "injury," criticise Cashman (WTF did you want the guy to say when they stuck a Goddamn microphone in his face and asked him about this mess, Jorge?), and comment on being 'disrespected,' I mean this guy's gotta be kidding me..He felt disrespected?!?! This guy let everyone and their mother down, man!!! And to think: they've been handling this guy with kid gloves for weeks!!! Dude should be fined and benched for a substantial period..MINIMUM..No other way around it..I actually want him replaced indefinitely, effective IMMEDIATELY!!! Dude, Jorge, you're lucky you're even still in the lineup, the way you're hitting brah. He's hurting this team, bottom line. Funny thing is, he had Joe 100% in his corner the whole time..At least now, hopefully, he's made this an easy decision for Girardi, one Joe's obviously been struggling with. With a stunt like this, something I feel will follow him around for a long time now, esp. after he had a chance to make good after the game somewhat but chose not to, I think he can kiss any future managing opportunity goodbye, something I felt he may have aspired to do eventually. Who the F would hire this guy as a manager now after a stunt like this? I certainly wouldn't... He better come to the ballpark today prepared to apologize AND HOPE the Yankees, Joe, Cash and the fans accept. I tell ya right now, I will, provided he comes back today in the proper frame of mind and mans up to this ****storm he created..That's how bad I think what he pulled last night was..That's what needs to be done. And then he needs to take his medicine like a man, whatever punishment Joe and Cash see fit to hand down. If not, if he comes in today like nothing happened, expecting to be in the lineup penciled into his normal spot...****, dude's got another thing coming to him. I mean, Jesus, we need this Mickey Mouse nonsense now with how badly we've been playin' all of a sudden?? And from one of our veteran "leaders" no less? What a letdown, man. WOW..
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