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    Burnett is garbage...So sick of this guy. Just doesn't have his **** together. And he's got the balls to give Joe a problem when he comes out to take the ball from him?? WTF is that? This dude only has himself to blame. Has nothing at all to do with Joe. Joe's actually very loyal to his players. AJ's lucky he still gets the ball every 5th day at this point. What a sin man...All of that ability and he just can't do anything with it. I'm tellin' ya, this guy's gotta go eventually. Unless he recaptures what he did for us a couple of years ago soon, we're gonna have to eat whatever's left on that contract and ship him right outta here. Esp. when at least one of the kids (Banuelos or Batances) is ready. I have trouble seeing Burnett straightening himself out in time for the playoffs. If he can't put together at least 2 good starts together back-to-back the rest of this month into Sept., I don't see how you justify giving him a playoff start. Couldn't care less how much money he's making...

    What's up with this move for Aaron Laffey? Freddy goes on the DL (a move he questioned in the papers -- he thinks he's ready to go) and instead of bringing up a capable arm from the minors, we cut C Gustavo Molina and add this guy to the 40-man? I don't get it. Yeah, we can use another lefty to go along with Logan but what about promoting from within with guys like Wilkins Arias first? I guess they like the fact that Laffey's a lefty, still very young and can start or pitch in relief. Stuff-wise, I don't see this guy being much of a factor though..I doubt Laffey makes a start for us down the stretch (even minus Garcia for the time being we still have 5 capable starters, if we can even call Burnett 'capable' at this point) and a guy like Arias had a chance to be a much bigger impact lefty late in games out of the pen to go along with Logan, who, I gotta say, has turned things around nicely. Logan, all of a sudden, has become very reliable. This guy Arias, a 31-year-old rookie stuck in AA ball, may never get a chance now. I've followed Arias for awhile, see the impressive numbers (against right-handers too) and have read the reports -- I know he has good stuff. Better than Laffey..This dude Laffey's a soft-tosser that ain't foolin' anybody..Sad, I've been rooting for Arias to get his chance eventually. I mean if anything, try and reaquire lefty Wilkin De La Rosa. That kid has a higher ceiling than Laffey. Released by us, acquired by the Dodgers and then released by LA recently. Currently pitching for the Camden Riversharks, an independent baseball club out of NJ. Don't know what to make of him being released a couple of times, but so was Laffey. I know how to read a scouting report and this kid has better stuff than Laffey. Just as young too..I just assume we not waste our time acquiring guys that take up space on the 40-man and probably won't help us and have an impact in the long run. Target power arms with higher ceilings..Usually that's the direction Cash goes -- not in this case however. They obviously see something in this kid that I don't. I hope I'm wrong. Not that big a deal I suppose..
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    Default Yankees Hotels on the Road

    Here is a link that has the hotels the Yankees will be staying in when they visit other American League cities this summer.
    Yankees Hotels
    Great way to meet the players. You can find 29 team hotels at this link with the exception of the Red Sox.

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    well this came out of nowhere, Pettitte returns and signs contract
    image courtesy amareisreal

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