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Thread: Z-Bo and Jamal

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    i will say this, it was suprising as hell to see Z-Bo playing Help Defense in Memphis. He's still a garbage defender tho.

    Z-Bo was a blackhole with us, and he's still a blackhole with Memphis. Somehow a lot more of his shots are dropping this year tho.

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    Originally Posted by skisloper
    Little sensitive aren't we.....
    I would love to pull up the past threads when everyone bitched and moan about Randolph not playing defense....
    While i always acknowledged that wasnt a good defender I was always in awe of his ability to score and rebound while having a 2 inch vertical

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    Originally Posted by KBlack25
    If you read this thread, you will see that that isn't true. Some people on here are convinced they were moved for other reasons.
    Oh ok.... revisionist history.. i see...

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    Originally Posted by skisloper
    You Pro-Randolph fans are such bandwagoners...

    When he was with the Knicks his defense sucked. He would miss a shot or not get a call and sit there complaining rather then hustle back on defense...

    The guy has definetly grown up and matured into a star player.....But thats not who he was with the Knicks.....
    Zach Randolph looked just as good in New York as he does now.

    He just played with a bunch of scrubs.

    Mardy Collins, Quentin Richardson, and Eddy Curry are not the best players to play alongside.

    Randolph is not God, and not even Michael Jordan himself could have played with a supporting cast of Mardy Collins, Quentin Richardson, Eddy Curry, Jared Jeffries, and Malik Rose(players who frequently started games for the Knicks while Randolph was on the team).
    Jeremon Linbury

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    Originally Posted by KBlack25
    STAT was in the 2010 class - as was LeBron, Bosh, Wade, Boozer, Dirk, Allen, Shaq - the goal was always to get under the cap BEFORE the 2010 offseason for the stated purpose of having cards to play in the 2010 offseason. In fact, Walsh said coming in his goal was to get under the cap...I don't know why you bother arguing that his goal was not to get under the cap.

    His stated goal coming in was to gain back cap flexibility that Isiah had lost us.

    No he couldn't have done that...mostly b/c most of the guys you mention were essentially untradeable before the 2010 offseason.

    Randolph costs less because he isn't as good. I'm not saying Randolph is bad - but the fact is Randolph isn't a gamechanger to the extent Amare is. Do you think that this team would have done as well if you replace Amare with ZBo early in the year, when STAT carried this entire team on his back? Hell, would Carmelo have demanded to come here to play with ZBo?

    Yes, it would have been nice to dump Curry instead of Randolph. But nobody was going to take on Curry b/c it was essentially lost money on a non-expiring deal. We lost the best players on our team because (surprise!) they were the best players on the team. Teams aren't just going to take on OUR ****ty contracts for no reason...teams WERE willing to take on extended deals for Z-Bo and Crawford BECAUSE they were good...
    My bad, I forgot to address this:

    So when Mike said he planned on us making the playoffs, that wasn't part of the plan?

    Let me see, IF Mike planned on Making the playoffs, he figured it was better to Downgrade the Power forward position in hopes we would actually do better? Was it addition by subtraction?

    Or was he lying?

    I assert Mike can't coach ego, hood-type players that tell things like it is. My bad for the sterotyping, but that's the logical pattern I see.

    He wants controllable players, and he can't relate to some younger edgy types, unless they conform, and even then if their reputaton preceeds them, he jetisons.

    I understand trading Z-bo & Crawford was a means to clear cap room, but for Stat sheet stuffers I assume. We'll if your going to get rid of I would think its for an upgrade, eventually right? What if the "upgrade" is unagreeable between Walsh & Mike? Then what?

    We've made almost every move (and mistake) based on Mike. His input, his type, his system etc...

    And he squandered our opportunities. I've seen it with Marbury, both Randolphs +

    I've seen it with Melo. But Melo now has more value than him, quite the difference from when it was Mikes way or no way.

    My point being, Mike had to think Lee could hold it down. Just as he had to think he had no use for Randolph (anthony). Eventually we were going to have to sign a Z-Bo type, and we did thankfully

    But the odds are higher to me that he couldn't deal with what he thought was a selfish player, and that added more to Z-bo being traded.

    Just as that is more logical as to why he ****ted on marbury

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