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Yeah thats why I made this thread because i feel that this is probably what is most likely going to happen. Maybe Grant, Przybilla, and Nazr can split the MLE? Cause Idk if Nazr would be willing to take a vet minimum. Using the MLE, Grant can get 1.5M, Przybilla & Nazr can each get 2M. I think that would be enough, Shawne, AC, and Jerome will all be cheap i think. Lets just hope that we will still have MLE with the CBA.
I'd add Jeff Foster & possibly Etan Thomas to the list of candidates, but we are both on the same page. We all gotta think in realistic terms, it's nice to talk about all these big names but we need to keep our current situation & this franchise's longterm goals in mind as well. As long as CP3 is looming in 2012 I think the Knicks won't commit to any more big contracts past this year.