"I can tell you he was open to going to the Knicks in 2005, then the Laker job opened up," Buss said in February before Jackson made what may be his last Garden appearance as coach.
"The Knicks job would bring him full circle and I wouldn't stop him. I am in New York several days every month for business. That being said, the Knicks have a very good coach and are doing very well. So it shouldn't matter."
Speculation on Jackson's future is in full gear after the Lakers ended their reign in despicable fashion: a four-game sweep in Dallas culminated by Sunday's 122-86 Game 4 massacre.
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What do you guys think if we get Phil Jack. in 2012, Do you think we do a good job in the Triangle? I mean Melo is probably as good as Kobe in the Triangle from an offensive stand point and if we have Cp3 you have to figure he's the best Pg out there for Phil Jack's system.