I'll be the first to tell you that I want Dantoni to get the boot. We've discussed this enough. No need to go further into it.

However, I do appreciate the spread out offense he runs, especially after watching the Heat just have ZERO offensive flow last night against the Bulls. The whole 2nd half they were pretty much going one on one. There honestly was no ball movement. They won because James and Wade stepped up, and Rose was definitely off his game. Spo is a solid coach, knows his defense, but is offensively inept. You know you have problems when a proven veteran like Mike Miller can't, for the life of him, fit into the system.

I never really have to ever worry about us getting good looks with Dantoni. With the amount of open 3's we get per game we should actually have been hitting more, but we have some streaky shooters. I LOVE how much Carmelo opened up his game under this style, but it's also easy to fall in love with the 3 and completely forget about the paint. You just need to have a disciplined team (which Dantoni does not coach) and a PG who can sense when the team's jacking up too many 3's, and slow down the pace a bit. (Another reason why TD will never be able to run PG in our system).

I will say, IF we hire a big name, defensive oriented guy as assistant coach, I might be willing to give Dantoni another chance. I absolutely HATE the composition of the coaching staff now though. None of them are defensive guru's, and what has Dan Dantoni ever done?