Let's pretend, New Orleans are as stubborn when it comes to trading CP3 as Denver were with Melo.

I'd say forget about CP3 and go for Westbrook!

THis guy is one of the premier point guards and just in his third season. He's tremendously athletic and would fit into our system and NYC in general.

I'm bringing this up, because he obviously isn't happy in OKC anymore. He fell out with Scott Brooks and probably even with Durant (as rumors suggest). Let's get him for Fields, Walker, Douglas and a 1st round pick.

Westbrook/ Melo / STAT - wow!

I think he wouldn't have to think twice, it's a golden opportunity for him. The second best PG in the Eastern Conference from the get-go and let's be honest, Oklahoma is a ****in dump compared to NYC, he'd go up into superstardom and play alongsdide two MVP candidates.

OKC probably want him out, to rescue the rest of their team and their coach. It looks like it's either Westbrook out or Scott Brooks, but even if Brooks has to go, their chemistry might not come back after Westbrook fell out with some of his teammates.