Game notes

Unbelievable collapse by OKC. Up by 15 with 4 minutes left and they blew it.

Big props to Dirk for being a superstar once again. Hit some ridiculous shots in the last few minutes of the 4th quarter.

Kevin Durant looks scared out there. He's rushing his game. He's taken a big step back in the series as being a go to scorer. He's only 22. He'll improve in the future.

OKC offense was COMPLETELY stagnant after Harden fouled out with 4:30 remaining. It was embarrassing to watch. Harden was the only player out there who was "in the moment". They need him out there for that 3rd option and to spread the floor.

I swear Dallas just ripped the heart out of the Thunder.

This ****s 100% over in game 5. G'night folks.