Florida State's Chris Singleton is widely regarded as the draft's best perimeter defender. Singleton has a terrific combination of size, length, athleticism and toughness. He can guard three positions on the floor and was a dominant defender in the ACC this year.The question for Singleton has always been: Can he score enough to make him a lottery pick? Singleton averaged just 13 ppg as a junior and shot just 43 percent from the field. Florida State's inept, grind-it-out offense can be blamed for some of his woes. The past two summers Singleton looked much better at the summer camps than he did for the Seminoles. But some of it is on Singleton. While he's improved in virtually every aspect of his game offensively, he still needs to be more consistent.
Singleton looked good at ATTACK. Defensively, he was pretty dominant in the 3-on-3 action I saw. His lateral movement and explosiveness really make him a nightmare defensively.
He was shooting the ball well and showed NBA range on his jumper. This year he dramatically improved his 3-point shooting numbers from 30 percent to 37 percent, but still can be maddeningly inconsistent. While he shot it very well in workouts here, consistency continues to be an issue.
"I think, down the road, he has a chance to be a player that shoots in the 38 to 40 percent range from 3," Procopio said. "But it may take a year or two for him to get there. But he has all the tools, he's very coachable and he's a very hard worker."
A number of NBA teams believe he could be a bigger version of Ron Artest at the next level. A few others made comparisons to the Hawks' Josh Smith. However, Singleton doesn't have any of the attitude issues that those players have.
His biggest impact is on the defensive end, where his size, length, athleticism and terrific instincts make him a lockdown defender He possesses all the tools to be able to translate his defense to the NBA level Can guard multiple positions His ability to anticipate and jump into passing lanes combined with shotblocking, make him a very rare threat on the defensive side of the ball He is a blue-collar player and is capable of impacting the game without needing the ball in his hands or getting plays called for him A solid rebounder, he is especially good on the O glass, where he uses his length and athleticism to get to rebounds
The more and more that I think about it I feel that Singleton is exactly what this team needs. He's the best defender in this years draft and we desperately need a defensive stopper. We can have him play a similar role to Shawn Marion and have him play PF and sometimes SF, he has the strength and athleticism to guard SG,SF,and PFs. So that this time Amare doesn't wear out like he did this season, with a center and a backup PF that will help Amare out a lot.

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