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    Originally Posted by Clyde & The Pearl
    Rondo cant hold a candle to CP3. Those 7-10 open looks a game Rondo gets from 12-15 ft are makes for CP3. You have to play him honest or he'll kill you.

    We need a couple of serviceable bigs and a coach to coach them right. A coach that coaches the entire team the correct way defensively. A CP3 to this mix and we're much closer to a chip than anything else we can come up with. Thats including adding D12.

    I agree now is the time. You add the coach, add the bigs and when you can add Paul its almost a finished product. I'm hoping it beyond hope Walsh realizes MOA is not the answer...
    No doubt that Rondo is a worse offensive player than CP3 is a defensive player, but we need more than serviceable bigs... We need hustlers, scrappers, and position stoppers. As soon as you get CP3 (trading away whatever depth we have left (if we can even get him)), you will need another 2 years to build the team back up.

    D. Howard, if we could get him, would automatically make us a top 10 defensive team in the league by his presence alone. CP3 won't do the same for us.

    D. Howard meets our needs much better than CP3.

    Again, I think this is all moot when you consider that we stand practically no chance at getting either.

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    I think we got a servicable big in Sheldan Williams. He's no Noah, but I think he can be effect as effective as Haslem.

    We all know what kind of player Halsem is. And we all know that his success comes from Pat Rileys coaching. And we all Know under Dantoni, Haslem would be a bum.

    I would like a more athletic center but He is just as mobile as Kendrick Perkins and Williams is a better jump shooter. I like Williams, I just think that Dantoni's utterly weird coaching style makes him useless.

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    I think Chris Paul is going to be the target of the Knicks regardless of coaching changes or the contract status of D12.

    As much as I'd love Melo to be able to regularly be a playmaker it's not going to happen and to be honest wouldn't be in our best interest. Better to let him do what he does best and leave that responsibility to someone best suited to it.

    Getting a good quality distributor is going to cost you. We just paid Felton 7 million. Anyone below that kind of level is not going to work when we have no good playmakers on the team. However getting a serviceable role playing big is not so difficult, or expensive.

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