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    Default Jerome Jordan Unable To Participate In FA Minicamp + Attendees Invited

    Jerome Jordan is a perfect example of why the NBA needs to rethink it's strategy with minor leagues. The Knicks last summer encouraged him to play in Europe as a way to maintain his rights while he was able to take the time to develop and mature. Had he come to training camp to compete with veteran Ronny Turiaf and the more NBA-ready Timofey Mozgov, the Knicks would have been either forced to keep Jordan on the roster -- which meant a player such as Shawne Williams might have been cut -- or they would have had to cut him and lose the rights to a 7-foot project with intriguing potential.

    The Knicks should be able to simply assign Jordan to the D-League, but NBA rules require a D-League assignment to cost a team a roster spot. It's an absurd rule that is negatively impacting the development of younger players. The NBA needs a system more like baseball and hockey, which have direct pipelines to the minor leagues and the ability to call up players at any time.

    Until then, teams have to use international rules as a loophole to retain a players' rights, though they have little connection with the player. As Jordan was stashed overseas, on a Serbian team in the Adriatic League, Mozgov was traded and the need for a center became a priority. The Knicks even tried to bring Jordan over in-season, after Mozgov's departure in the Carmelo Anthony trade, but his contractual obligation to his team KK Hemofarm was difficult to break.

    The Knicks want to know what they have in Jordan, who has shown noticable physical growth, but it is impossible to gauge his progress and, more importantly, his readiness to compete at the NBA level, based on the competition he's facing and the minutes he's playing. In 26 games in the Adriatic League, Jordan is averaging 7.5 points and 3.7 rebounds in 14.7 minutes. In 11 Eurocup games, he has put up 6.7 points and 2.9 rebounds in 14.1 minutes and in four Euroleague games he's averaging 8.5 points and 2.5 rebounds in 11.8 minutes.

    The plan was to bring him in next week to participate in a free agent minicamp at the MSG Training Center on June 8 and 9 and see how he looked against D-League types. The camp is also a way for the Knicks to potentially find a diamond in the rough, which will be important if a lockout eliminates the NBA Summer League.

    The camp will still go on, but Jordan is not expected to be able to play. He recently suffered from appendicitis and is still in recovery. It's important for the Knicks to know if Jordan is ready to make the jump to the NBA this season as they plan their roster for next season. With a lockout looming and possibly eliminating some, if not all, of the offseason (especially Summer League, where Jordan could play), there isn't much time to make a decision about what to do with Jordan. Should he return to Europe, the Knicks would continue to own his rights, but it would likely mean another entire season without him. And if Jordan doesn't want to spend another year in Europe, the Knicks may be forced to make a decision on him -- either keep him or set him free.

    * * *

    * -- In the meantime, the pre-draft process continues Tuesday with the first of several workouts at the MSG Training Center. This first group -- DeMonte Harper (Morehead State),

    John Holland (Boston University),

    Rick Jackson (Syracuse),

    Malcolm Lee (UCLA),

    Sam Muldrow (South Carolina),

    Julyan Stone (UTEP) --

    suggests the Knicks are looking deeper into the draft beyond their No. 17 pick in the first round and perhaps eyeing a possible purchase of a second round pick.

    Lee is interesting because of his terrific size as a combo guard, which are similar to fellow UCLA guards Russell Westbrook and Jrue Holiday, though his skills aren't nearly as polished. Jackson is a big, strong body who is very active on the glass and in setting screens and plays a smart game.

    * - Despite a report that said Donnie Walsh is expected to sign a contract extension this week to remain team president, there is reason to believe an announcement might not come until after the NBA Finals. The league frowns on attention-stealing news by teams not playing for the title, not that it has stopped the Knicks before. Walsh has continued to work preparing for the draft and next season. His current contract expires June 30.

    * - The sudden and surprising decision by the Trail Blazers (read: owner Paul Allen) to dump GM Rich Cho leaves the position open for several candidates. Will Mark Warkentien, the former Nuggets GM who is currently working for the Knicks as Director, Pro Player Personnel, be on the list? Meanwhile, if Warkentien departs, would the Knicks consider Cho?

    * - Chauncey Billups is expected to have an MRI this week on his left knee, which he initially injured (strained tendon) in the second-to-last regular season game and then reinjured late in Game 1 of the first round playoff series against the Celtics. Billups had an MRI during the series, which confirmed the tendon injury. This MRI is the requisite follow-up. If no further damage is revealed, he will be cleared for basketball activities.

    ================================================== ====================

    I can't see the point of drafting small before big this year. Hopefully, by some miraculous turn of events, Rautins gets out of the toilet and brings some game with him this year.

    I'm still hoping that we draft Faried and add some of that intensity on the glass that can't be coached.
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    Nice Thread Crazy......both Landry Fields & Jerome Jordan were
    better talented players than Rauntins.
    On draft night I was so angry with our 38th pick (not selecting
    Lance Stephenson), I wanted to tie Donnie Walsh to a chair and
    make him watch several tapes of Rauntins inconsistent performance at
    Syracuse, which made Rauntins the 71st pick in the 2010 draft class.

    Jerome Jordan under the training of (do nothing) Herb Williams wouldve
    been a nice spot player at center to have on the team lastseason to
    screen/rebound/blockshots/and commit fouls on unstoppable oponents.

    I am actually happy owner Jim Dolan is waiting untill after the June 2011
    draft night to decide Donnie Walsh future extension with the Knicks.
    All those @ss Kissing beat writers in the media been hyping-up Donnie
    Walsh foolishness for the past 3 seasons, but has been queit as a mouth
    about Walsh not receiving an extension in March, April, or May.

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    I wouldn't mind getting Rick Jackson, i've been wanting him for a while now. He reminds me of Dejaun Blair.

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    i just like the fact the knicks are taking the time and effort to tryout player who could be steals. I guys like Fields & Starks are out there they just need a chance.

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    Originally Posted by Wargames
    i just like the fact the knicks are taking the time and effort to tryout player who could be steals. I guys like Fields & Starks are out there they just need a chance.

    just due process.. it has a lot to do with throwing other teams off as well.

    after we draft faried and marshon (bought pick) im hoping we could get a big or pg in the secound round with another bought pick

    not a big fan of hanborough...seem like another rautins

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    Default Jj23

    I hope he turns into a Tyson Chandler/Antonio Davis mix...he could be a real help I mean Miami starts Joel Anthony and the Celtics are undefeated in playoff series when Perkins was starting a Center....Jordan should be better than both of them

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    Media Update...

    The Jamaican Huricane!

    Knicks 7-foot center Jerome Jordan thought he was ready for the NBA this past season, but former president Donnie Walsh didn't sign him, wanting him to develop in Serbia.
    So imagine how their 2010 second-round acquisition feels about next season, about being the center complement up front to Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony.
    In an interview from Serbia yesterday, Jordan told The Post: "Being drafted by this team in their situation, they need a big guy and I look forward to helping that need.
    "Coming out of college last year, I thought I could play minutes right away. It worked out," he added. "I came over here, got game experience and went up against more physical and skilled players than in college. I played against tough players over here and I'm ready to contribute to an NBA team."
    The Knicks obtained Jordan on draft night last June -- an under-the-radar midnight maneuver. The Bucks took Jordan with the 44th pick in the second round and traded him to the Knicks for cash.
    The Post has learned James Dolan forked over $1 million for Jordan -- a sizable investment.
    Jordan, who played at Tulsa and is nicknamed the "Jamaican Hurricane," underwent surgery three weeks ago after his appendix ruptured and is sitting out the Hemofarm playoff run. Next week, the season will be over, and he will head to New York to meet with the Knicks staff. It is likely he won't work out for the team upon doctor's orders, but the Knicks staff want to get to be around him before the expected July 1 lockout hits.
    According to a source, the Knicks are not expected to sign Jordan until after the lockout ends, figuring the new CBA will be more favorable to the team. But plans are in place for him to be in the rotation next season because of his low-post skill, size and ability to block shots -- with Glen Grunwald likely still in place as interim president.
    The day after the Anthony trade in February, coach Mike D'Antoni and Walsh held a press conference and, unsolicited, they each mentioned Jordan. That's how desperate the Knicks were for a big guy after the roster-ravaging trade cost them 7-footer Timofey Mozgov.
    "In my conversations, they have high expectations for him," Jordan's agent, Todd Ramasar, told The Post. "It's pretty obvious where the Knicks are with players signed in the frontcourt. That plan will carry through [without Donnie]. Donnie's staff all share the sentiment."
    The Knicks have not had a lot of success with 7-foot centers named Jerome (see James), but they have had success with a 7-foot center from Kingston, Jamaica -- Patrick Ewing. Jordan is also from Kingston, didn't move to the United States until age 17 when he first took up organized basketball in Melbourne, Fla.
    "I never met Patrick before," Jordan said. "Growing up, I heard about him and the older people who watch basketball when he played with the Knicks love him."
    The Knicks probably won't get a center in the draft and hope to land a big man during free agency but have no cap space. Jordan saw a lot of Knicks game on the Internet and Serbian TV and knows D'Antoni's offense.
    "I do a little bit of everything," Jordan said. "On the defensive end, shotblocking, rebounding. On the offensive end, a low-post scorer who can pick and roll. So I should fit in. They like up-tempo and pick-and-rolls and that's where I score most of my points."
    Jordan, who got off to a slow start for Hemofarm, averaged 7.8 points and 4.5 rebound in 15 minutes a game. The Knicks could have signed Jordan and put him in the D-League where he may have played more, but that would have cost them their 15th and final roster spot, which eventually was filled by Shawne Williams.
    "It helped a lot to come over, and get game experience which I need for the future," Jordan said. "It was a different route but now I'm ready."
    The Knicks will work out today College of Charleston's sweet-shooting guard Andrew Goudelouck, whom they could take if they buy a second-rounder, which they likely will do. According to a source, Georgia Tech point guard Iman Shumpert, who is very much on radar, will work out tomorrow.
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