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    Nyk Logo Knicksonline Season End Awards

    Rookie of the year- aka best new poster

    Best Comedic Performance- aka funniest poster

    Villian of the year- poster everyone hates the most

    Sammy Sosa Award- Poster most in need of spelling and grammar lessons

    Tyson award- Poster who wins every debate

    Best Name- Poster with the best screename

    Worst Name- poster with the worst

    RZA Award- poster who drops the most knowledge on their topics

    Thread topic of the year

    Carpenter Award- poster who makes the most interesting threads

    Borat Award- Best Poster from the farthest distance

    Feud of the year- which posters had the worst

    Mike D'antoni Award- poster who defends Steph the most

    Anti-Mike D'antoni Award- poster who rips him the most

    Game Thread-best game thread maker

    Best replier -

    Most creative poster -

    Most annoying poster -

    Biggest Amare fan of the year -

    Most underrated poster of the year - ..

    Comeback of the year - guy who wasn't here than came back..

    Most active- Most active guy

    MVP- best poster on
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