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    Originally Posted by nuckles2k2
    That's one team. And their "pieces" are a lot better than ours...the quantity of talent that we can't afford if we keep Billups' contract. Crawford, Zaza, Evans, and Williams aren't quite as good as the supporting cast that Dirk has, but it's still better than ours...and that's also a team that has those guys around Johnson, Horford, and Smith. Maybe I'm being pessimistic, but I don't see how having a sub-par supporting cast is gonna get us a championship.

    Plus you didn't address the Jazz or Mavs, who were "well rounded," great regular season teams, but kept getting smoked by the same dynamic in LA and San Antonio.

    Melo and Amar'e aren't enough to win a ring. It's a start, it's a foundation, but it's not enough. And I'm not overlooking Billups either (he's not gonna be here the next half-decade)...I'm just talking about a dynasty, a perennial championship contender...not a perennial playoff team, but a team that's headed to the Finals year in and year out. Those teams are kind of dwindling right now, and it's a changing of the guard. If now is not the time to establish yourself as a powerhouse that is steamrolling to the Finals, every single year, then when is it? And are we gonna do that with a bunch of stopgap, old bones, dudes trying to stay in the league/revive their career here?

    Or do we go get a Dwight Howard, or CP3 if we can't get a platoon the likes of Marion, Terry, Chandler, Barea, and Kidd.

    Edit: Plus MDA is our coach, so we're already failing all over the place. Even if we acquire the pieces we need, I dunno if he'd properly utilize them.
    You make some good points. The Hawks, Jazz, and Mavs were all well-rounded. Let's not build up the Hawks though. We beat them even before Amar'e. Maybe Barkey is right in that they would work better as a run and gun team. They're offense has been terrible and Joe Johnson has looked average. I haven't seen him playing his heart out.

    Great point about the Jazz, they even had Sloan. Who was their center though? I don't think they had a very good one, but I don't remember.

    Mavs, well, Tyson Chandler was a big difference. I want to get Dalembert and Turiaf to be our two main centers, but I don't know if we'll have the cap space next season, and I rather keep Turiaf.

    NYallDay posted what I was gonna post about the Mavs keeping LeBron out of the paint. If we added the defensive players, a good coach, and a center, we might also make LeBron look not that good. Wade will usually play good no matter which team he plays, but LeBron, well a lot of his game was players letting him go to the basket. The Mavs proved it wasn't him being amazing in the lane, it was just no defense plus getting tons of foul calls in his favor whether he got fouled or not when he was with Cleveland.

    Yes, they still got to the Finals their first year, and won two games. Can't argue that it wasn't successful the way their team was built thus far, but the Bulls are a SG away from improving a lot. And we're a coach, defensive players, and a center away.

    I also believe if Fields gets back to his form before the Melo trade, he could be an All-Star. He has the IQ, ability, hustle, AND athleticism to do it. If he does become an All-Star or close to one we won't be able to afford him on his next contract with another max if he's not traded.

    Isn't Chuck Hayes a pretty good/great defender? That's what I heard. There ARE guys available out there.

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    billups is a superstar? thats funny

    so because the mavs won with 1 superstar BAM! multiple superstars are the devil! lets dump either amare or melo so we only have 1! we would be a million times better with a playmaking PG like chris paul..did u not see the big 3 that won boston their recent championships? how bout kobe pau and the others? lebron put that on the heat and he's a grade A choker

    stop with our "big 3". we dont have one. we do not have 3 SUPERSTARS. we have TWO.

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