• Great size at 611″, nice length with a 74 wingspan, big body in the post with nice athleticism
  • Solid post game, can play with his back to the basket or face up, more developed than most of his peers (17.9 points per game as a senior)
  • Excellent perimeter jumper, comfortable and consistent shooter from midrange, face up game extends to 18 feet
  • Exceptional shot blocker thanks to good timing and length (3.6 blocks per game as senior)
  • Legit rebounder, especially on the offensive board, due to length and athleticism (10.1 as a senior)
Needs to Improve:
  • Building upper body strength and muscle (at least 10-15 lb.s), will get him pushed out of the paint, toughness
  • Tendency to force shots in the paint under duress, frequently just throws himself into the defense in hopes of being fouled
  • Gets into foul trouble quite frequently in the NCAA, can be overaggressive on D
Would he be a steal in the 2nd round? Assuming we can acquire a pick to select him.... Ranked 14th pick 2nd Round...

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