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After the 2010 summer league games 44th pick Jerome Jordan showed to be a better prospect to keep than the 37th pick Rautins. If the Knicks wouldve signed C-Jerome Jordan (rather than Rautins), then signed veteran FA Kurt Thomas (rather than Mason Jr.) for veteran bigman leadership-insurance... Amare wouldve had alot of bigman help from veteran leadership Kurt Thomas & Turiaf to help develope (rookie-centers) Jordan & Mozgov into forefilling certain bigmen roles off of the bench.
The Knicks having the "above" 5 bigmen players on the roster in their daily practice last season, I'm sure "AR, Gallo, and W.Chandler" wouldve held down the SF-rotation by adding scoring/rebounds/and shotblocking.

The Knicks chase on the 2011 February deadline wouldve been for a scoring-SG (to replace a season injury Azu).....not a high price scoring SF (Carmelo) that gives us the same-exact-skillz in our rotation we were getting from two young unexpensive SF (Gallo & W.Chandler).
The Knicks also overlook using SG-Walker as a starter (and 20 mpg SG) vs certain oponents to build Walker's confidence and chemistry with the starting-unit and bench-unit.
Rookie Landry Fields great performance shouldve only started 40 to 50 games (averaging 28 mpg) this past season to take alot of pressure off of Fields back from hitting the rookie wall at the 360 roster change.

Our coaching and transactions during the 2010-11 regular season leaves our roster at a need for 3 of the college prospects in the 2011-draft-class (SG-Marshon Brooks, SF-Kenneth Faried, and PF-Jordan Williams or PF-Jeremy Tylor), plus we have to sign our 44th pick C-Jerome Jordan from the 2010-draft-class for the 2011-12 season.

F-Kenneth Faried hustling-potential will give the Knicks a much better grinding performance on offense/defense in the paint than Shawn Williams. Plus Faried skills could be the prime backup or tandem partner for either Amare or Melo by crashing the boards for the defensive-rebounds while protecting the paint from oponents inside scoring.
Dennis Rodman had to personally give Kenneth Faried big-ups & props for being the only college player in decades to define Rodman's type of above the rim rebounding while protecting the paint area. Top-10 pick

SG-Marshon Brooks offense would fit well to take loads of pressure off of PG-Toney Douglas having a scoring-SG option in the backcourt under Chuancy Billups halfcourt style setting.

C-Jerome Jordan & PF-Jordan Williams short playingtime minutes would take alot of pressure off of Amare by letting Amare rest throughout the first 3 quarters of each regular season game, especially the back to back games.

P.S. The Knicks having PG-Rautins under-contract for 2011-12 season puts a "stop" to drafting PG-Selby or 6.2 combo-Jimmers.