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    Originally Posted by AmareForPresident
    Do you know how many teams want Afflalo? If he wanted to be on a winning team he could just join the Bulls who desperately need an SG or he can just join Miami, I love how your just assuming that Afflalo will accept a minimum when he can just join teams like Dallas, Chicago, Miami. Trust me I would love to have Afflalo but I just don't see it happening.
    Yes! u are exactly right on the many teams that will pay Afflalo more
    money than the Knicks.... what u are not mentioning is how well Afflalo
    perfomance would become hooking back-up with Billups & Melo to advance
    to the ECF.
    Whatever Afflalo could get now in a 5 year contract would practically
    be doubled next offseason in a 5 to 6 year contract.

    We don't need offense we need DEFENSE. Did you watch the Knicks this season? We don't need a player like Brooks at all, the last thing we need is a player with a huge ego that doesn't play defense. TD is better than Brooks, better character, way better defender, and a better scorer. If TD played on the Rockets he could average 19 PPG as well
    Brooks is a great substitute vet-guard to have on the roster incase of injuries,
    plus Brooks will learn alot from player/coach/leader PG-Billups in one season
    than he learned throughout his career in the NBA.

    As for the huge egotistical players in the NBA u cant go any hire than
    Melo & Amare when it comes to poor service on the defensive-end
    of the court.
    This is why the Knicks have to select "Kenneth Faried" with the 17th pick
    in the draft to add a consistent defensive-rebounder on the roster the
    team could depend on each game. Having well rounded college defensive-
    players on the roster in "PG-TD, SG-Fields, SF/PF-Faried, and C/PF-Turiaf"
    scrambling on the defensive-end of the court gives the Knicks an edge....
    Firing the Damnphony-brothers as coaches will give the Knicks a double-
    edge sword on defense.

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    Originally Posted by DontForgetDerekHarper
    I dont know man
    comparing gallo and chandler to melo is insane in my opinion.

    WE lose by 20 in game two if we have gallo and chandler instead of melo dropping 42-17.

    on gallo and chandlers best nights

    they would combine for 42-17

    melo did this by himself, that shows his potentially being 26 years old and not fully in his prime yet.

    Melo is a top 5 player in the league, and has been for years, and people are too stupid to realize it.

    he played kobe shot for shot in the WCF just 3 years ago, and only lost that season because JR smith is a moron and the Lakers well... they are the lakers.

    I cant see a Carmelo anthony lead nuggets team, going out in 5 games the way the Nuggets with gallo and chandler did in the first round this year.

    with a full training camp, improved chemistry, as well as some added pieces, melo will lead us to 55 wins this year, and we will be the 2nd seed in the east behind the heat.

    watch and learn
    Out of the 7 playoff seasons Melo had with the Denver Nuggets,
    6 of those playoff seasons Melo Nuggets were knocked-out of the
    playoffs in the first-round b/c of Melo's 40 minutes of poor-defense
    and poor passing skills.
    For u to mention the Denver Nuggets trip to the WCF, and exclude
    it was all on the dynamic strength of a 40 minute "Chuancy Billups"
    creative-team-leadership is outright distasteful for anyone to swallow.

    u need to sit back and think how Melo's Denver teammates wouldve
    perform in this playoff having Melo still in Denver......SWEEP!

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