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    Default Redd for the vet min?

    How come no ones bringing up Michael Redd's name as a possible acquisition.
    I know hes had a history of injuries but when healthy hes as good a knock down shooter as there is in the league. he might still want to collect a big paycheck but i doubt anyone offers it to him so he might be willing to take the vet min for a yr or 2 to prove that he deserves another big contract and do it for a winning team (NYK).
    We could bring him in and see how he holds up, no ones holding a gun to our head that we have to sign him......
    im pretty sure most of you guys will shoot this idea down lol but we really dont have much bargaining power. the chips are kinda stacked against us....

    - we dont have much cap space
    - we dont want to sign long term/big money contracts
    - we cant afford the good players
    so we basically have to scrape the bottom of the nba barrel for talent.

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    At last.

    A nice crisp idea that realistic.

    Be a great move....Roll the die on Oden, too. Draft Jimmer if you can, try to buy pick and use Douglas to draft Singleton. Ideal all round, considering what it take to truly build up to contend on the road we on and get assets and flexibility.

    Pray for Chris Paul either way yo.


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    I wouldn't mind Redd but I highly doubt he's ready to play for the minimum. He can still command at least 3 mil per if proven to be healthy.
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