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    Originally Posted by keyser soze
    I have as much love for Amare as the next Knicks fan does but every GM in the NBA takes Melo over Amare
    You spoke to every GM in the NBA to confirm that? You didn't. So that isn't true.

    Amare brings more rebounding, inside scoring, higher FG% scoring, shot blocking and help defense, and consistency than Carmelo.

    I'll start my team with Amare than Melo any day, especially Amare in his prime who no one could **** with, not even a prime Tim Duncan in the playoffs back a couple years ago.

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    Originally Posted by metrocard
    Amare isn't on Melo's or Dirk's level? I don't believe that. Amare was getting MVP consideration this season, and I'll take Amare over Melo just based on the fact Amare is just better. You're overrating Melo ALOT right now.
    Nah, don't get me wrong...I love Amare and think he is elite I just think he is a step below the true cream of the crop. (Dirk, Melo, Wade, Lebron for first 3 quarters etc.)

    I thin he got MVP consideration because of two things:

    1)The Knicks were overachieving at a time beyond the experts predictions.

    2)Amare was def going nuts, leading the league in PPG for a time.

    That said, his style of play is not that of someone who can lead a team on his back for a long stretches and to a chip like other elites. Amare has always been the 2nd best player on a team except for that 3/4's of a season prior to trading for Melo.

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