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Mike is in the last year of his contract so trust me when i tell you he will use all available options. The fans, players (Melo, Stat, CB) and mangement will not allow him to butcher things this time around. He's already agreed to the defensive asst which should tell you how desperate he is.
I hear that. MD knows his reputation and future is on the line this season (if/when that is).

I just want to warn people that Iman is a frustrating player. He looks the part and even appears the part sometimes, but most often he plays what seems like beneath his skill set.

He dominates the ball like Douglas. His teams never won. He never really dominated. He looks good in shorts when he is running and jumping. SOunds like he even looked good in shooting drills, while being covered by an orange cone.

Think C-Ward offense meets T-Douglas passing ability. Ga Tech lost a lot of games and lost to some bad teams.

Good news is we don't need this kid to score. So basically he and Fields can give us the same thing... Both can play about 20-24 minutes.

It's just going to bother a lot of people, knowing how big/strong/quick he is... As he settles for clanking outside shots. He disappointed a lot of ga Tech fans... He did not bring it every game, or even each half in a given game.

He is an athlete playing basketball.

As for Harrellson.... Too small to play C. To slow (not quick at all) and not in good enough shape to play in MD's uptempo system. I would be SHOCKED if Jarts makes the team. SHOCKED.