I'm planning to make a site redesign for the start of the new season, the actual version is kinda boring, but if i succseed to make everything i set my mind to, then knicksonline.com will become the best knicks site available on the whole internet.
In order to accomplish that, i need to know if any of you is willing in giving me a helping hand.

What i need
  • 1. Graphic designer
    First, i need a new logo that will suit better on the site, the actual version is not really what i want.
    Any of you who want to make a logo for KO, please send your samples to me [ rady @ knicksonline.com] untill september 30th.

    2. Writer
    Somebody has to write columns for the site, and i need to know if there is somebody interested, this being the most important job. Also i have to decide if the columns will be big ones(full page), as we have on fans' spot section, or short ones(20-30 lines). If we'll go for the short ones, then i'll make possible the reply (each visitor will be able to drop a comment - see [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] or [Only registered and activated users can see links. ])

    3. Admin
    This is for me the senior year, and i don't think i'll be able to spend so much time around here as i'll be pressed with the university degree and i really don't want to screw something. So, i'll need 1/2/3 guys to work on:

    +Adding the news
    +Adding the boxscores - in case i'll finish the script, we'll have boxscores
    +Adding the recaps - i'd rather have somebody to write them, if nobody wants to, they can be copyed from the AP

This is it, who want to be a part of the crew?