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    Originally Posted by metrocard
    Barea may be 5"11 but he brings a lot of game to the court. He plays like he's 6"6.

    He's been playing mostly combo guard for Dallas, and thats not even his real position. He's a straight up CP3 type point guard. I see him averaging 15 and 9 in this system easily with his ability to work the pick and roll, his foot speed and footwork and would be a huge upgrade for us at point guard. His defense has gotten ALOT better and has mastered the flop. Signing this guy would be nothing but a position move and is one of the best free agent PG's out there.

    His attitude breathes winning, and thats what we need. A guy with leadership qualities, team-first-guy and willing to do anything to win.

    I've been followed JJ since he was in High School and people ALWAYS say the same thing.

    "he's too small"
    "not worth a glance"

    He's continue to doubt people over and over. He's gotten better every season, on some Steve Nash type progression.

    Will he ever be an elite guard? No, But I see him having 3-4 great seasons especially under this system or any system like the Lakers, Heat or Dallas where he'll be a starter.
    Good comments about JJ. He has got some game for sure, Carlisle starting him from game 4-6 instead of Stevenson was a game changer for the Mavs, he may be undersized but that doesn't stop him from penetrating and making things happen.

    That said I am not sure how well he would do as the main man on a team because of his size, he does struggle finishing and that Dallas team can make a lot of players look better than they are.

    Welcome back. We missed you and your posts around here.

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    metro (welcome back) brought up some great points, and even though we have a few guards, we only know Billups to be Playoffs and Finals ready. I do think somebody such as T-Mac would be a lot better because of the contract and his health being solid. Barea isn't coming cheap.

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    I feel like the addition of Iman, and we can get a fast footed PG, our offense will look much more fluid than stagnant. We need fast guys who can run up the court and beat their man. Douglas speed is B level at best, and Billups is D level...same as Fields and Waker is no speed demon either. These guys patrol the guard positions and we probably have the slowest back court in the NBA when we're suppose to be a run and gun team, how does that make sense?

    You guys see what I'm seeing? If we're going to live with D'Antoni, we might as well nab players who will make his system less retarded than it is. It'll make the games less painful to watch. lol

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    I don't love Barea. He had a great end of the finals, but people forget that in games 1-3 this guy was 1-10 from the field. His shot selection is poor. But we don't need him to shoot and score.

    What he would bring to this team is a guy who can cause havoc for the D, get in the paint, cause guys to sag off their assignments...which would be helpful for us. I honestly think that he is best utilized on a team like the Knicks (or, gulp, the Heat).
    Originally Posted by Knicksin60
    Ignore the Curry, James, Francis, Jalen and Malik Rose deals & Isiah would be one of the top 5 gms .

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    I've got a hunch that somebody is going to over pay Barea this offseason and he wont play near expectations. I just hope that somebody isn't us.

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