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Lets all just stop hoping we can get the best PG of this generation, who's stated openly that he wants to play here w Amare and Melo. He wouldn't help us that much because legit, great 2-way players always fail to make their teams better. Also an Amare-Melo-Paul combo would pale in comparison to Lopez-Brooks-Dwill or any other 3 player combo in the league anyway so f*ck it.. may as well not even try.
lol u know that the hornets are not stupid enough to hold him and not to trade him by the deadline? what do we have to offer them? lol I would love to have a top 3 PG in the game on my team but its gona be hard to get him when we have no trade chips. We had amare to bail us out when we put all of our chips in the hat when we thought LeBron was coming here. Dwight is gona be a laker or stay in orlando, he could be a wolve too but same case we dont have the trade chips. no team is gona trade all thgere chips to get a superstar that doesnt sign long term with them too.