Yankee boy has a baseball propaganda show that basically is an infomercial for how awesome the Yanks are (even when they're not). Then, he's completely clueless when he ventures into other topics.

Today, he talked to Doug Gotlieb about how bad the Shumpert pick was, and then started the next segment with "Why did Walsh make the pick when he's leaving the job next week?" Complete lack of research into the topic...Alan Hahn wrote an article taking us into the Knicks war room and how it went down. Here's how it happened: Walsh took a poll of everyone there, and they were evenly split on Shumpert and someone else. Then, Walsh kicked it over to Mike D, who chose Shumpert. That's how the pick was made. Does Kay care? No, he just wants something to rant about.

Is it just me, or is he even worse than Francessa? It's like Kay never reads anything or talks to anyone until they're on his show.

One of Kay's favorite sources to cite is Peter Vecsey...that right there should tell you how bad he is.

God, I miss Brandon Tierney.
Bill Daughtry is the last guy in NY who knows what the hell he's talking about when it comes to basketball.