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lol it was a no brainer in my mind but I think this is jordan hill all over again because the sixers took our guy right b4 us and we didnt know what to do.....

I would have loved to see either singleton, faried, or brooks get tooken but oh well, hope this kid is a defensive wizard like the front office think's he is cuz if hes another jordan hill pick I'm gona be pissed off

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i think he fitted a need beter thand a 3/4 like with singelton and amare and melo playing major minutes.. if there was a pf on board that could backup stat.... i could see it.. but it fits with a 1/2.. which is a area of need..if he can run a team.. then u can use him in the backcourt with TD without having an undersized backcourt....

fields should be backing up melo..
so im ok with it