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    Nene to the knicks, pretty please

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    We're only giving out 1 yr deals so the list just got shorter

    -Remove Dalembert cause he prob wants a multi year deal or could get it elsewhere.
    -Remove Camby cause I swore he said in an interview last year that he would retire if he was traded anywhere (doesn't want to move his family anymore)
    -D. Jordan is too much $$$
    -NeNe (see Jordan)
    -Chandler (see NeNe)
    -McGee is the Wiz center of the future.

    Best chances are...
    -J. Jordan
    -K. Brown
    -K. Thomas (PF)

    Looking at all the guys we can realistically get they are all back-up centers past whatever prime they had (except Jerome Jordan) but I guess we don't have much of a choice and we aren't asking that much from them.
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    Realistically i'd like to see Pyrzbilla in a Knicks uniform. Or a D league talent who plays a similar role of Joel Anthony. I wanted ZaZa Pachulia but i guess he got reupped.

    I would love to see Yao here for Discount. He's going to make no money cuz he's coming off back to back major foot injuries. Plus Him and Melo would be major problems for any team when the Knicks slow it down and play half court. Best passing center would be havoc.

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    Yao is a good option i think. NeNe or howard would be the best fit, period. Marc Gasol would also be a great fit.

    In realistic terms... i don't know we are so limited by so much that the best options might already be on our team (jordan, turiaf, jorts). Getting a player like Ben Wallace or Kurt Thomas might not be a bad gamble and could atleast impart some knowledge to the younger Knick big men.

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    Originally Posted by DaTPRiNCE
    ideally Jordan or Chandler/ McGee would be best

    realistically; Dalembert or Brown(kwame)
    Any mention of Kwame in this thread is depressing

    Me thinks Tyson Chandler is worthy of a nice contract and would mesh with STAT perfectly. The time is now, so throw in some JRich and screw the DHoward/Paul 2012 pursuit.
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    This guy...

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    Pryzbilla would be fine by me. Especially if we trade Turiaf, Balkman & Walker to INDY for Jeff Foster & Josh McRoberts.

    Bring in Troy MUrphy on a 1 yr-deal.

    Away we go...

    We would be able to rotate Pryzbilla & Foster at C. Plenty of toughness and fouls. This would allow Amar'e to guard the PF, not the opponent's C.

    This would also give the Knicks 2 legit offensive big in Murphy & McRoberts. Both can rebound. Both can knock down 3s & block shots. BOth would be great playing with the 2nd string.

    Imagine a 2nd unit of: Douglas, Shumpert, Williams, McRoberts & Murphy.

    We would have our dynamic duo, and a rotating PF/C corps of 4 to play alongside these guys.

    It might sound like overkill... but with Przybilla's injury history and Murphy's poor yeat last season, I believe in safety in #s.

    This could happen. INDY wants David West. They have Hibbert & Psycho-T. They may part with Foster-McRoberts (both of whom have expiring contract, which is what we want).

    Troy Murphy wont get more than a 1 yr deal. What system is better suited to his game than D'antoni's?

    Joel Pryzbilla could be swayed to sign on b/c he would start and get a chance to win.

    Billups (Douglas, Shumpert)
    Fields (Rautins)
    Carmelo (Williams)
    Amar'e (Murphy, McRoberts)
    Pryzbilla (Foster, Jerome Jordan or Josh Harrellson)

    There's my 12-man roster, and Jordan/Harrellson inactive)

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