NBA, College, street ball doesnt matter. I tell my son I invented the no look pass, but it was probably Bob Cousy. Anyway.

I was watching the NBA Allstar game one year. Tiny Nate Archibald, Stole the ball and headed up court. He had a teammate running with him (not sure but I'm going to say Mike Riordan). A defender was back. Archibald takes off. In the air he goes behind his back. Cool, but he wasnt finished. Seemed like he was in the air for 30 secs. Then goes between his legs. OK, this is insanity. The annoucers are going nuts. Wish I had Tivo back then. Needless to say he's at the basket for a layup. BUT, he dishes it to Riordan. Riordan is so SHOCKED he misses a gimmee layup. SICK!!!