-Shumpert is slightly a taller version of Toney Douglas.

-He is lights out on the defensive end like Douglas, and can score

-Douglas is a slightly better shooter then Shumpert, but with the right coaching and training Iman could be a solid back-up at the point.

However, the striking similarities between the two cannot be denied and points toward one thing:

-New York has a measuring stick of who they would have to give up in a trade for Paul. Yes, other teams have more to offer than the Knicks, but if Paul truly wants to be in New York, the Hornets will have to deal with whatever the Knicks have to offer. So with that said, Shumpert means the Hornets are interested in Douglas. Of course Chauncey Billups' expiring contract would be a part of any deal for Paul, which means the Knicks would be giving away two point guards, leaving a void at the position, even when Paul arrives.