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Here's one thing - what player really and truly bent the Knicks over last year the most?

Answer: RONDO. I am ****ing tired of Rondo averaging 10+ assists against us. I'm tired of Louis Williams dropping 19 points on us, and I'm sick of our crappy backcourt defense allowing people to essentially drive to the basket AT WILL. Rondo made us into his BITCH in the playoffs shooting 13-23 and getting 20 assists because we gave him good looks, clean paths to the basket, and easy looks at Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.

Under NO circumstances should a PG who is one-dimensional at scoring (i.e. his shot is AWFUL) be able to score 30 points on us if we're truly a championship-bound team.

I know we still need rebounding but at least this Shumpert pick signifies that whoever is running stuff over at MSG realizes that defense IS IMPORTANT. I am SICK of D-Wade owning us, I am sick of Kobe dropping deuces on us, and I'm sick of that faggot Rondo. Please, dear Lord, let Iman Shumpert be the answer to that!